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How To Use Digital Musical Packages During COVID-19

RockED Music’s unique Digital Musical Packages offer the perfect format for remote rehearsals and practices if required.

During this difficult time, the positive benefits of students’ involvement in a musical production are indisputable. However, preparation for a musical production may currently look a little different. Luckily the versatility of RockED’s unique digital resources means that your students needn’t miss out on the remarkable rewards found the excitement of a production.

Here’s how schools are preparing for their RockED productions:

1. A production can easily be chosen from the full description of each of our musicals from our user- friendly site. Each musical has a comprehensive description, together with audio song samples and full casting requirements.
2. Make a purchase online and instantly receive every component in digital format. (No waiting for the delayed postal arrival of your package).
3. Digital scripts mean all audition parts and scripts can be easily forwarded to students or uploaded to a central platform.
4. MP3 format song demonstrations and backing tracks can also be easily shared and copied as required.
5. Rehearsals may take place physically or via Zoom using digital resources.
6. Digital Backdrops can be forwarded to cast members. They are a great way for students to picture the stage background and get a feel for the time and place setting of the musical. These backdrops are also easy to send straight through to your proposed venue, if required.
7. Digital Sound FX and Backing Tracks mean students can familiarise themselves with aural cues. Additionally, the final performance will look and sound professional with a minimum of time-consuming preparation.

Check out our musical titles here. 

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What Others Are Saying About RockED Primary School Musicals…

Quest – A New Hero In Fantasyland was a sheer delight from beginning to end. This was a totally engaging production for all ages. The younger students loved the fairy tale characters and the seniors appreciated the modern humor and contemporary performance tracks.”
St. Joachim’s PS

“For our students, The Time Machine struck that sweet balance between pure entertainment and an instructive experience. The issue of environmental protection, and concern for the well-being of future generations, was cleverly integrated into a hilarious script with great songs.”
Northcote Primary School

“We loved the simplicity of using Has Anybody Seen Santa? for our Christmas Concert. The parents enjoyed the freshness of the original Christmas songs and the script provided the opportunity for all age groups to be involved.”
Badger Creek Primary School

“Following our recent performance of DreamNation, we will never forget Captain Arthur Phillip, Elizabeth McCarthy, Edmund Barton and all the other figures represented in this entertaining show. With such great songs, and such a funny script, DreamNation brought Australian history to life for all our students.”
Buninyong Primary School

“Our production of Robin of Sherwood was just so much fun! The students adored the catchy songs, in fact they are still singing them now – long after the production has finished!”
St Jude’s Primary School

Musical Production Support

We are here to help! After many years of creating and directing our musicals with schools, we are only only too happy to help out with ideas and production support. Just send us an email and we will respond promptly.

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