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RockED Musicals are full of fun, humour and energy. Our catchy songs, clever lyrics and hilarious scripts have entertained students and audiences alike for over 30 years.

New for 2022 – Access All Musicals

All RockED Primary School Musicals are now included in our Access All Areas Subscription Service. For the same price as a single Musical Production Package,  Access All Areas Members can now peruse each one of the musicals, in its entirety, before deciding upon the one that will be perfect for your school production. But there’s more! Once you have made your choice, you can then proceed to access our complete range of Classroom Music Programs  or even choose a Mini Musical for a fun classroom activity. This is an amazing opportunity to revitalise your school’s Performing Arts Program.

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What Others Are Saying…

“I’ve produced several RockED musicals in my time at Norman Park SS including: Cinderella, Robin of Sherwood, and Quest.

Each time, our school has had extremely positive experiences:

  1. Student- and teacher-friendly (you don’t even have to be a music teacher to put it all together).
  2. Extremely useful costume and set suggestions.
  3. MP3 music backings, sound effects and sheet music is provided.
  4. Purchase price is very reasonable, even with royalties.
  5. Musicals are just the right length – not too short, not too long.
  6. Very easy to communicate with.

I’d highly recommend RockED Musicals!”

– Norman Park State School

RockED School Musicals…Everything you need for a stress free production

Most school musical packages include just the basics – script and songs. This means you are left to spend hours, and often use valuable funds, to create all the extras needed to produce a polished producation. This is not the case with RockED Musical Packages. We supply everything you need for a stress free, professional looking show.. thoughtful bonus features created by people who know that the ‘small’ production tasks can suddenly snowball into hours of extra work.

No need to search around for sound effects to enhance the action. Each musical comes with carefully chosen Sound Effects in MP3 format, represented by clear icons in the script. No need to spend valuable time and funds painting backdrops. Each musical comes with eye catching Digital Backdrops. No need to spend hours creating audition parts. Each musical comes with Audition Parts Copymasters. No need to painstakingly determine what level of skill and commitment is required for each part. Each musical comes with clearly defined Casting Considerations to make your job easier. All these extras – plus Captivating Songs and Humorous Scripts.

Check out our musicals below…


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Quest – A New Hero In Fantasyland


The Time Machine


The Lonestar Cowboy


Under the Big Top




Robin of Sherwood




Scareee Nights


Treasure Island


Planet X




Junior Musical


Rock n Roll Angels

Has Anybody Seen Santa?


Rock ‘n’ Roll Angels


All School Musical Packs Include:

  • Script Copymasters
  • Lyric Sheets
  • Costume Suggestions
  • Casting Hints
  • Sheet Music
  • Photocopying Authority
  • Vocal/Rehearsal MP3
  • Performance Instrumental MP3
  • Digital Backdrops
  • Sound Effects MP3

Purchasing is Easy!

  1. Choose – Check out our musical summaries and listen to the great song samples.
  2. Purchase – the chosen musical, either online using credit card, or using a school/RockED order form. A unique link will then be immediately sent to your inbox.
  3. Download – Using this link,  instantly download the entire package!
  4. Follow Up Consultation – we are happy to help with any hints, or advice about producing any of our musicals.

What About Performance Royalties?

Check out our guide – ‘All About Performance Royalties’ HERE

Note: Small schools may request a discounted Royalty Payment. Just send us an email.

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